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Green Banana

Green Banana is a social enterprise that was first set up by Mayfield & Easthouses Youth Project (Y2K) a number of years back with all our profits go back to the local community, helping to fund Y2K’s programme of work with young adults.

After a couple of fallow years, it has been given a new lease of life and a new focus although’ the objective remains the same -  equipping young adults from Mayfield and Easthouses with skills that will help them access professional opportunities, an outlet of creativity and a chance to voice their perspective.

Green Banana now specialises in film production and new media training. They have a dedicated team of film professionals on their books, all of whom produce high-end film work, ranging from corporate, community, live-event, advertising, vision mixing to motion graphics. Each has been chosen because they are technically brilliant with an approachable attitude. Each individual has a specialised area of expertise, which means they can always provide the very best to suit your needs.

Build your skills:

They understand that resources are often scarce and sometimes a high-end film product isn’t the best solution. For this reason they offer businesses the opportunity to train staff members in film production - working with a camera and editing footage. It’s a great way to creatively provide new skills to employees, as well as a sustainable method to record the work you do.

Working for the future

By equipping young adults with film production skills we provide them with professional opportunities, an outlet of creativity and a chance to voice their perspective.

They are keen to provide you with a service and end-product that far exceeds the brief. They will strive to come up with a proposal that goes beyond your expectations, at a price that is fair and delivered professionally through their friendly and dependable service.

For further info contact:

Bryony Day
Tel: 0131 663 3432

A showreel of their work will shortly be available at while their website is being revamped.

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210