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BITES is based in the village of Maud in rural Aberdeenshire. With the latest IT technology available BITES can provide learning and training for allsections of the local community – the young, more mature as well as local businesses.

Learning for the local and wider Community is what BITES is all about. Whether you're eight or eighty years old there's something for you at BITES. Courses are tailored to various ability levels and there is always someone on hand so that you can ask questions or get assistance. We offer a wide range of courses, to help beginners come to grips with their computer, or more advanced learners move forward into today's exciting world of Information Technology.

Training for business with BITES is different. We make sure that what you need to learn is the primary focus. We believe that targeted training makes sense for learners and for the business that is paying for it. Have you been on a course where the content is too simple or too advanced? BITES training avoids this problem by tailoring each course to customer needs with practical work and, where required, nationally recognised qualifications.

The BITS Club is an after school club aimed at school age children. On one level the club is about helping youngsters build confidence in using the computer for school work for example to prepare presentations and talks, or research homework on the Internet. But its much more that that, its a great opportunity for children to learn about the interesting world of IT in a friendly safe environment, to discover all the exciting possibilities that computers offer for creativity and learning. It's also a great place to make friends and have a lot of fun.

Once regarded as the "technophobe generation" it's interesting to note that a recent report identified the over 50's as being the fastest growing age group of Internet users. New research has revealed that these "Silver Surfers" now make up over 25% of web users in the UK and 14% are over 70! BITES values its older learners and works to make learning accessible and interesting for more senior people.
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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210