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The Gladiator Programme Ltd

The Gladiator Programme, runs a wide range of physical activities for children and young people. By combining play and sport, these activities provide exciting opportunities for children and young people to become and stay active. Once involved in these positive opportunities, the company believes it is important that the youngsters can stay involved, and those with the interest and ability get the encouragement needed to develop and improve as far as they want to in their chosen activities.

The organisation originally planned to reach about 100 children each week. Despite receiving the same level of original funding as in it did in 1986, Gladiators now reaches 2,200 children each week, which represents an outstanding social return on investment.

The Gladiator Programme runs gala events on behalf of other community groups on a fee-earning basis. Although the groups are charged they still pay a fraction of the market rate, keeping money where it is most needed with the community groups themselves.

The Gladiator Programme is also a platform for job training, job creation and enhancing the reputation of the local community, in so doing encouraging development agencies to invest locally. Many children who take part in the Gladiator Programme go on to major sporting success. Most of those will also gain relevant sporting qualifications and enjoy careers in the leisure industry.

Because of the positive spin-offs to the local community, the company has been successful in getting some funding from the private sector. For example, Soapworks Glasgow has sponsored work around capacity building, and, more recently, Tulloch Construction helped provide transport for the Variety Club.

The Gladiator Programme currently generates three quarters of its total income. This helps to keep activities going within the local community. However, it is constantly striving to increase our income to become fully independent. This would make sure that we can sustain these activities and benefits over the long term.

For further information contact:
The Gladiator Programme
Units 33 / 34 Baillestion Distribution Centre
30 Nurseries Road
G69 6UL

Tel: 0141 781 4392

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210