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HEBRIDEAN Chocolates

* Ceased trading March 2014 *

HEBRIDEAN Chocolates is a new social enterprise set up by Voluntary Action Lewis The business - which operates from an old bakery - is now open for business.

Alasdair Nicholson, chief executive of Voluntary Action Lewis said: "We will be aiming at Hebridean Chocolates becoming a sustainable social business growing the economy and delivering community benefit through training, placements and employment. It will provide new products of high quality for the local, tourist and worldwide island diaspora who are keen to taste a quality Hebridean Chocolate produced in a world class environment."

Alasdair said that there had been a couple of years background work on the concept of a chocolate factory. "We have been progressing with ideas such as this for some time. I think the concept and idea of what we are doing is a good one which has been soundly researched," he said.

It was so well researched that those behind the scheme went to Belgium to see first hand how such a business was run in that country.

"After we met people in the chocolate business there, we felt we had a viable potential business for the islands," he said.

Alasdair said that there were other Hebridean products and he felt that a chocolate factory would add to raising the profile of the Hebrides in a positive way.

And how did the concept come about?

"Well, we were looking at developing an organic bakery initially and at the same time we did market research and looked at the idea of a chocolate business. We accelerate the chocolate business idea and that is what we are taking forward at the present time. It is something that had a lot of potential. We have received support from the Social Enterprise side of the Scottish Government, and Highlands and Island Enterprise, in addition to a contribution from Community Scotland and European Regional Development Funding."

For further info`, contact:

Voluntary Action Lewis
30 Francis Street
Isle of Lewis
Tel: 01851 702632


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210