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Bharatiya Ashram

Bharatiya Ashram was established in 1995 to promote benefits for all, but primarily for ethnic minority clients of Dundee and surrounding areas. With an overall objective of improving the quality of life, the Ashram currently runs activities under three themes , Education, Health and Art. Otherwise Bharatiya Ashram facilitates a wide range of other support services.

The Ashram presently runs its operations from three separate buildings and we have just obtained a 25-year lease on a large property (Dudhope Centre) to increase and extend the Ashram's existing services. The development will secure the means for the Ashram's long-term development plans. The plans are to consolidate current services and provide a focus to increase, expand and introduce a range of support services within a centre which will service multi-ethnic and indigenous communities.

Dudhope Centre Development is fundamentally about changing people's skills, knowledge, abilities, self-confidence, image, relationships and health. This proposal will accelerate delivery of these issues by supporting the Ashram with a full time employee co-ordinating and developing voluntary skills and input. In the Ashram's current base there are 4,500 bookings per annum. The new facility , which will allow the Ashram to encourage a greater proportion of the indigenous population to participate, is expected to see that number double. The proposal will also provide permanent surgery services for support groups e.g. Debt Counselling, Health, Pensions, Recruitment and Guidance, Investment and Employment services.

The Centre is to be developed to service a wide range of clients and particularly client groups. The centre is intended to become sustainable through income derived from the activities which will range from: the rental of accommodation to other voluntary organizations or relevant service providers; to fees charged where arts activities and performances occur; to income based on public sector contracts e.g. the expansion of the existing lunch club, and other proposed developments.

For further info`, contact:

Bharatiya Ashram
Rockwell Primary Schoolhouse
20 Lawton Road

Tel: 01382 - 818161


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210