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Clydesdale Community Initiatives

CCI is a community based social inclusion project that aims to give people the skills and confidence they will need to overcome barriers to involvement in community  life and the world of work. The organisation uses landscaping and public art projects  as tools to enable people to make a contribution to their community.

At a public meeting in November 2002 representatives from various social care and environment agencies agreed to work together to build a community garden. The idea was that people with support needs should have the opportunity to participate in a high profile community project. A group of young people, adults with support needs and volunteers, planned and built the Wallace Community Garden which in December 2003.

CCI establishes partnerships between social care groups, community groups,  volunteers, site owners, horticulturalists, landscapers and artists.

Once a site has been identified, groups are asked to participate in creating a plan and a design for the site. CCI then produce a programme of work where anyone wishing to participate in the building of the garden can get involved in a programme that suits their interests and abilities.

Projects will make a high profile, high quality contribution to the community. They are fully involved in the design, building and management of each project. We also make sure that participants work alongside volunteers from the community so that they can share skills and experiences.

For further info`, contact:

Clydesdale Community Initiatives
39 North Vennel
Tel: 01555 664211   

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210