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Environmental Education for Communities Organisation (EECO)


EECO is a social enterprise and environmental charity with all profits made from the sale of goods and donations will be used to further the aims of the charity.

People often struggle to find environmentally friendly alternatives to every day items. They try to balance the benefits of buying environmentally friendly, organic and local products. Since October 2007, their website has been provide opportunities to buy all of these ethical goods in one place at a competitive price with one delivery charge - at the same time you will be helping and supporting the charity which helps the environment, individuals and communities - rather than lining the pockets of corporate retailers.


EECO was set up to give everybody an equal opportunity to gain the knowledge to live in harmony with our environment and to show communities how they can make the right choices to be sustainable with the environment. If the quality of their natural environment falls then so does the local quality of life and everyone suffers, but as usual those from less fortunate circumstances will suffer the most and first, but sooner or later it will affect us all.

EECO is looking to support environmental justice for everyone. This is our right to live in a world where communities do not have to suffer poor water and land quality to satisfy the unsustainable lifestyles of others. This basically means they are campaigning for a world of equality in which people live sustainably within the limit of the earths resources.

They are currently fundraising for an Environmental Education Centre which will be based in Moray (entrance will be free of charge). There will be a huge array of information regarding your local wildlife and biodiversity and all issues effecting your environment. Importantly, learning will be in many Medias but it will be fun and interactive and suitable for all ages. There will be web cameras set up nearby and footage of your local wildlife will be shown at all times. There will be a children's area where they can play whilst you wander at your leisure. There will also be a shop where you can buy all of your environmentally friendly alternatives.

The centre will also looking to provide supported employment placements


For further info`, contact:


PO Box 7
AB38 7WX

Tel:   01340 830011


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210