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The Boyndie Trust

The Boyndie Trust was established in1999 to serve the community of Boyndie and other communities along the Banffshire Coast and inland to Turriff and Fyvie. Its vision is to ensure the broad-based regeneration of the area, although its charitable focus is more specifically on improving the employability and well-being of people with learning disabilities and educating the public in order to further the protection of the environment and wildlife. The Trust owns and has re-furbished a beautiful red-brick Victorian school building, from which it runs a visitor centre and four mini-enterprises. These provide work placement training for around 70 unemployed adults with learning disabilities. The four enterprises are: a café; a woodturning workshop; a textile arts and crafts workshop, and; a plant nursery. Products from the workshops and nursery are sold through a gift shop on-site, via other local retail outlets, and under contract to local businesses and the council.

The Boyndie Trust earns 100% of its £300K per year income through trading. Around one-third of this comes from a contract with Aberdeenshire Council to provide day care service and work placements, while the remainder comes through the tills.

The Boyndie Trust is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status.  It is a not for private profit organisation.

The Trust does not have an ordinary membership category; the members are the directors. Membership is open to anyone who falls within one or more of five categories, with the majority of these being community categories.

The Trust is committed to working with the statutory, private, voluntary and community sectors. It is working with Aberdeenshire Council, SCVO, and Banffshire Partnership, and was instrumental in the development of Boyndie Windfarm Co-operative.

For further info`, contact

Duncan Leece
General Manager
The Old School
AB45 2JT
Tel: 01261 843249

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210