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Craigend Resource Centre

Craigend Resource Centre was officially opened in 1995. The Centre provides the local community and community groups with a wide range of resources, information and opportunities. As well as its role of service provider, the Centre plays a vital role in the local community, by providing the facilities, support and infrastructure through which many other projects, agencies and service providers can target this priority area.

Amongst the services it provides are a Community Café, a Laundrette and the Fruit Barra
The Fruit Barra:

The Fruit Barra was set up in April 1998 at Craigend Resource Centre to provide good quality fresh fruit and vegetables, cheaply to the local community right on its doorstep.
This decision was prompted by local demand for the cafes healthy meal options, and the lack of decent fruit and vegetables in local shops.
Eighty centre users completed a questionnaire to find out how happy they were with the current local provision of fruit and vegetables: how often, when they bought them, and the types of fruit and vegetables bought.
Money from the Partnership funding was used to buy initial stock and send out publicity leaflets about the Fruit Barra to 1,100 local households. Appeals for weighing scales, a cash register and shelving were made on Radio Clyde, and a local company donated plastic bags.

For more info on Craigend, contact;

Craigend Resource Centre
McLeod Street
Tel: 01475 – 786739

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210