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Castlemilk Stress Centre


Castlemilk Stress Centre was born in November 1994.  Prior to this Healthy Castlemilk had provided some therapeutic services in the community but it was recognised that a dedicated Project was required to meet the continued demand for services.

The Centre is staffed by professional, fully qualified and experienced therapists and managed by a voluntary Management Committee.


We provide a range of flexible Stress Management Services for Castlemilk Residents tailored to the needs of individuals and groups. Dedicated services are provided for people with mental health problems, addiction issues, and children and young people. Training and volunteering opportunities are also available for people who could feel excluded from opportunities through personal circumstances.


The Centre has developed from being a solely local organisation providing a range of
flexible services beyond the Castlemilk boundaries.  Although the Centre retains its strong community roots, diversification has allowed for a wide range of people and agencies to access the excellent services and also contributes to the long term sustainability of the organisation.


Castlemilk Stress Centre is committed to providing a range of quality services to
enable people to live happier, healthier lives.


In order to generate additional income, small charges are levied for services, the rate depending on people's personal circumstances. Also, other organisations in the area can buy services from the Stress Centre.


We have also currently secured funding to develop a pricing strategy and employ a full time worker to market services to increase income generation and service agreement that will subsidise the services provided to the community, in turn contributing towards the future sustainability of the Project


For further info`, contact;


Castlemilk Stress Centre,
109 Stravanan Rd
G45 9UT

Tel: 0141-630-0111




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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210