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Inverclyde Community Development Trust

Inverclyde Community Development Trust, AKA 'The Trust', is an Inverclyde wide organisation employing over 100 staff (full and part time) in a range of care, employability, and regeneration services provided across Inverclyde.

In 1987 Greenock Employment Action Group (GEAG) was formed to deal with employment issues in the more disadvantaged areas of Greenock. In 1996 GEAG, along with other groups were reformed as Inverclyde Community Development Trust, creating a district-wide organisation with at that time over 40 staff members.

The Trust (and GEAG) developed and managed a number of projects and programmes over the last 19 years, many of which are known in their own right

Trust Care Services provide almost 19,000 hours of care each year; support 50 volunteers in community befriending; and assist 25 people in certificate and degree courses. These include Home Shopping Services, Inverclyde Dementia Care Services, Meals Delivery Services, Volunteer Centre Inverclyde

In the last year alone Trust Employability Services have provided training and support to more than 1000 unemployed people in Inverclyde; childcare support for 118 people; and 18 local people with multiple issues have been referred by specialist agencies and supported into employment and training.

Services include: Call Centre Training, Care Training Unit, Choices, Community Apprenticeship Programme, Construction Training, CRED, New Deal Programmes and Working for Families

Trust Regeneration Services ensure that a wide range of agencies give advice, information and support to local communities through our regeneration and business centres; properties are available for business and social economy start-up; whilst 7000 frozen meals are delivered to elderly and housebound customers every week through Wiltshire Farm Foods!

The Trust,
175 Dalrymple Street,
PA15 1JZ

tel: 01475 553300
fax: 01475 730061

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210