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Ethics Girls is a new website designed for women who want to be green and ethical. With a shop packed full of the best in ethical and green products and with regular features on the issues, Ethics Girls is designed to keep everyone ahead in the world of ethical consumerism.

It can be easy to be bewildered and confused by ethical shopping, so the Ethics Girls magazine is designed to explore all the issues to help ensure that Ethics Girls can make the choices that are  right for them. The site has an easy to use Ethics Guide that helps users through the magazine and the shop. Whether its organic, Fairtrade, recycling or UK made, a simple click helps users get straight to the issues and products. The site also incorporates the all essential customer product reviews that online shoppers find very useful.

Ethics Girls' founder is Sam Roger. "The idea behind Ethics Girls is quite simply to make ethical shopping and having an ethical lifestyle an easier option for women, who are constantly juggling their time between work, family and looking after the household.  I meet so many people who are interested in all of these issues and genuinely want to make a change, but then struggle to act on their convictions. People seem genuinely supportive of things like Fairtrade, Organics, foods miles,

carbon footprints and buying locally – they think these are all great ethics to have but then when they get to the shops they find it difficult to work out how to combine all these issues sensibly into the weekly shop. Not only that, but then there is the worry of what happens in the office and how do you run a green household.”

The online shop is full of everything that women with a conscious needs. The products are wide ranging, from stylish clothes from Kuyichi to the more practical - the award winning Mooncups, NatraCare organic tampons and a great natural after sun lotion from Lavera. Ethical gifts range

from great tasting Divine chocolate to Fairtrade roses and then there are summer essentials -  summer tops to solar powered garden features.
The Ethics Girls website uses simple devices to help navigate through this complicated world. With basic guides to the main ethical choices, clear product descriptions and the all important customer recommendations, the site has been designed to get directly to the information.


Ethics Girls Magazine is designed so that that website can feature the stories and experiences of Ethics Girls throughout the UK.  Sam Roger continues ” There are a tremendous amount inspiring things going on throughout the country and often they go unheard. By giving women the opportunity to share their experiences we want to pass on tips and ideas.  I myself am going to join a local food project called the Fife Diet – we can only eat produce grown in Fife. It is going to be a real challenge considering I currently love melted chocolate and ice cream! But I think its a great opportunity it find out all about my local produce, what produce is in season and it will also force me to be a more creative cook. I will be keeping everyone up to date with how I get on”.


Ethics Girls will be opening up the company as a multi stakeholder co-operative in the Autumn and will have membership categories for employees, consumers and suppliers.  Ethics Girls believes that everyone has something of value to contribute. As co-operatives put people at the heart of the business, we think this is the best way of working to advance our common goals of helping the planet and improving people's lives.  We think this is an innovative structure that will support a dynamic online community with its online ethical retail shop.

For more info`, contact:
Sam Roger – tel: 01383 413977 – 6 Lowry Place, Rosyth KY11 2PR
email: –

Background on Founder – Sam Roger worked for Fair Trade company Equal Exchange for 10 years.  She was inspired by the people who she has worked with over the years – both Fair Trade producers and the individuals that are working in the Fairtrade and wholefood movement in the UK today. Sam Roger has been an active member of the Co-operative Movement for the last 8 years, both within ICOM and Co-operatives UK.

How we can support you – our media support service
We have a wide variety of Fairtrade, organic and eco products that you can review at any point. We also have information and stories on our ethical fashion brands Kuyichi and Khusibu.  We are well networked and can help find women for you who are doing interesting things in the world of ethical & green consumerism.

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210