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Dalmuir Community Concierge Services (DCCS)

The Dalmuir Community Concierge Service (DCCS) provides grounds maintenance, concierge, minor repair and cleaning facilities to 1800 tenants. It aims to be a socially owned enterprise that offers jobs and training whilst enhancing the quality of the local environment by delivering services to Housing Associations and others.

DCCS currently employs 4 full time staff and offers work- based training for 6 young people. The range of services include flat cleaning, ground maintenance, cleaning, painting, litter pick-ups, removing bulk refuse and removing graffiti.

DCCS works in partnership with Dalmuir Park, Link and Trafalgar Housing Associations which presently purchase services. Additional start-up funding has been made available by Communities Scotland and West Dunbartonshire Social Inclusion Partnership (which paid for a truck provided by West Dunbartonshire Action Team for Jobs). The service plans to expand by contracting with additional housing associations, other housing providers and developers in the West Dunbartonshire area.


Established in March 2004 as a partnership initiative between Dalmuir Park and Trafalgar Housing Associations and Linkwide Limited  - Linkwide Trading (West) Limited operates under the trading name of Dalmuir Community Concierge Service (DCCS).

With a staff team of 11 and a Board formed of 6 individuals DCCS is now firmly rooted in the Dalmuir and Clydebank areas as an emerging social enterprise with ambitions for diversification and growth. Registered as a company Limited by Guarantee and with Charitable Status, DCCS is presently a wholly owned subsidiary of Linkwide Limited. However, this mainly administrative arrangement is short-term and DCCS is quickly moving toward being a free-standing, social economy organisation that will sustain itself through sales and trading.   


DCCS now has a customer base of 6 RSL's that are either located in, or which have housing stock in the West Dunbartonshire area. Additionally, the company is beginning to secure new contracts and sales from other RSLs and property developments in the Clydebank area. It is also making some good progress in its discussions and negotiations with a further social enterprise to better exploit the potential of recycling furniture and other household products as a means of diversifying its trading activities.

In terms of service delivery, DCCS provides the following services; grounds maintenance, litter picking, graffiti removal, void clearances and bulk uplifts, fencing and paving maintenance, the maintenance of play facilities, void security and a variety of other landlord service needs.

DCCS has been supported from the outset by Community Links Limited who have played an instrumental role in the development of the company as well as sourcing new and additional forms of grant support. Broadly, the aims of DCCS as a social economy organisation have a very good fit with local and national strategic priorities.

Contemporary Situation

In the main, DCCS is delivering everything that the founding partners set out to achieve when the company was established in 2004. It is; creating jobs, offering training opportunities, improving service delivery to RSLs and building capacity. In relation to the latter point, the project partners determined that the capacity of people could be developed by 'learning by doing' in their role as a director of the organisation.

In the current year (2006-07) it is estimated that DCCS will achieve circa 80-90% of its income from sales to RSLs and other customers. To meet its growth needs, the company is also busily investigating the potential of either moving to, or acquiring new premises and, in the interests of supporting environmental sustainability measures DCCS is keen to develop and exploit a partnering arrangement with a further local social economy organisation to recycle goods and minimise the negative impact on landfill.

Wanted: board members (January 2007)

As a means of better supporting its route to independence and maintaining good practice in relation to matters of governance, DCCS is keen to recruit new Board members who can actively and positively contribute to the further growth and success of the company.

Applications would be welcome from any individuals who have an interest in the social economy sector, but in particular the Board would be very interested to receive applications from those with either an interest in, or career background in finance or financial services, business management and human resource management.

Further information and an application form may be obtained from:

Fiona Tipping
Manager DCCS
t: 0141 952 4666      

For other information on the DCCS service, contact Fiona Tipping at the above number or email address.

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210