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Enviroglass, Shetland's Award Winning glass recycling company is set to export recycled glass paving slabs to a number of new project developments throughout England, it was announced today.

Enviroglass has been working with a number of architects and development companies over the last few months, with a view of providing environmentally friendly, recycled glass paving slabs, both for indoor and outdoor use.

It has emerged that two schools in Greater Manchester and a number of housing developments in Middlesex and London have all stipulated Enviroglass recycled glass pavers in their specification. It is expected significant orders will follow in the near future, making Enviroglass a major exporter from Shetland to the UK with regard to recycled glass products.

Shetland has long been at the forefront of glass recycling throughout the UK with Enviroglass undertaking the first trials in the production of recycled glass pavers two years ago. This resulted in the launch of a wide range of recycled glass pavers throughout Shetland and the UK through their web site. A Design Registration was also taken out with the Patent Office. The product has such a high environmental and sustainability rating that major developers and capital project providers are seeking Enviroglass products to be included in their projects as well as the private developer for gardens and patios.
With the onset of a large amount of recycled glass paving slabs to be manufactured, and with more and more architects showing an interest, Enviroglass are now looking at the possibility of expanding their operations to include a more mechanised method of production and of employing more staff to cope with the raised level of demand.

Mick Clifton, Project Officer with Shetland Amenity Trust, who oversee Enviroglass commented "this is really fantastic news and one which all Staff at Enviroglass have been working very hard for. The prospect of exporting high quality recycled glass products to the rest of the UK is a huge success story. The next few months will be very exciting for Enviroglass. A day hardly goes by without major developers speaking with us to provide details and specifications of our products. We all look forward to the possibilities of expanding and taking on more Staff to cope with demand. This is good for Shetland and good for the environment. We have developed a recycled product, which exceeds British Standards and which a large number of customers are fully embracing."

Over the last year, Enviroglass has been providing recycled glass paving to a large number of local customers throughout all parts of Shetland including the Outer Isles. The New Shetland Museum and Archives boasts a recycled glass floor, with more recycled glass pavers planned for the outside of the Museum in the near future. Enviroglass is hoping that the new Schools in Lerwick and Yell will also specify recycled glass pavers as well as the Councils new housing programme, following the lead shown by other school and housing developments throughout the UK.

For further info', contact:
Mick Clifton,
Project Officer
Shetland Amenity Trust
email -
tel: 01950 477666

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