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Good For Ewe

Good For Ewe is a community based co-operative formed to satisfy the proven need for affordable, high quality, fresh fruit and vegetables and other local produce in Wester Loch Ewe and the surrounding areas.

The biggest barriers to a healthier lifestyle in the local area have been shown to be the limited access to and high cost of fresh fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods. By producing locally, the availability and freshness of produce can be increased, the financial savings from transport and intermediate distribution costs can be passed directly to the consumer, and the money spent on the produce will stay locally, boosting the fragile local economy.

In addition to the health and economic benefits, the project is aimed at strengthening the local community and building social capital, through:

 Building skills and confidence of people in the community.

The project will provide training and experience in a wide range of produce cultivation and key transferable skills.
These skills cover:

 The production process, such as land management, ground preparation, propagation and cultivation, and harvesting.
 The marketing of the produce, including direct selling and working with local shops and restaurants, developing box schemes, and developing advertising and websites.
 General business skills, including administration, education, business development, and computer skills.
 Sustaining traditional agricultural methods.

Good For Ewe will promote and encourage the use of traditional, environmentally sustainable, production methods. This will help to maintain the traditional skills, which are tied to the cultural heritage of the area, and support biodiversity by protecting the environment.

 Sustainable community project.

The capital investment and effort required to start the project and the ongoing effort required to market and distribute products can only be sustainable if it is implemented as a co-operative community based enterprise. The project will develop a support infrastructure for small locally based producers in the community, allowing them to generate a part livelihood that would otherwise be unachievable as individual low input low output businesses.

 Education provision.

Good For Ewe is working with HealthWays and the local school to provide education and training opportunities covering cultivation, healthy eating, and environmental subjects. Healthy eating education will also be provided to the wider community in conjunction with the HealthWays.

 Supporting existing assets within the community

Good For Ewe will promote and support the sustainable future of key community assets, including co-operation with the local stores and suppliers, and through the use of the community hall for produce markets, as a training venue, and for fundraising social activities.

 Demonstration project for other groups.

The Good For Ewe project will act as a demonstration and a template for other communities wishing to address these key health and economic goals.

Good For Ewe Ltd
Wester Ross
IV22 2LW

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210