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The Glenkens Community & Arts Trust (GCAT)


The Glenkens Community & Arts Trust (GCAT) was formed as a direct result of Community Horizons to take forward the regeneration opportunities for the Glenkens area.  The trust's main focus is on the provision of high quality community and arts facilities and events and has purchased the old school building in New Galloway with the intention of turning it into a music and arts centre.  The trust also manages a community transport project (The Glenkens Community Minibus) and acts as an information point for both the local community and visitors to the area.  Key amongst these are the development of tourism and environmental initiatives, economic opportunities and youth and social activities.


GCAT's vision is to give high quality, national "names" the opportunity to perform and work with local artists and local people across all creative media, to create opportunities for self-empowerment and lifelong learning.


The School


The People of the Glenkens, through subscriptions, have bought the largely derelict shell of the old school in New Galloway for The Glenkens Community & Arts Trust (GCAT).  There is now the opportunity to transform the building into a dynamic Music and Art Centre for all forms of music, art, craft, dance, drama poetry and film with year-round expert tuition, lectures and workshops, Summer Schools, Reach-out programmes, rehearsal and performance space and recording facilities.


Family Events


Glenkens Community & Arts Trust (GCAT) also puts on events for everyone to enjoy; ALL ages, ALL interests, ALL types of art.  This includes:

Music - traditional, classical or modern, theatre - from family entertainment to alternative comedy,

and the opportunity to take part in workshops, ceilidhs and more. 


Events are organised with local people in mind, but visitors to the area are guaranteed a very warm welcome.




A GCAT 'workshop' is the chance to come and learn something new, polish up a skill or share your ability with others in a relaxed setting with a likeminded group.


Glenkens Community & Arts Trust (GCAT) arranges a number of workshops each year.  The main focus at present is traditional Scottish instruments and music, but the programme is in no way limited.  Other sessions offer sampling and mixing for keyboards, drumming, percussion and world music, poetry workshops for children and more.


The Red Kite Trail


Few birds rival the red kite for beauty and natural grace. Famed for it's rusty-red forked tail, long elegant wings and agile flight, the kite was once one of our most widespread birds of prey.


Wrongly accused of taking livestock, game and even fish, kites were shot, poisoned and trapped in huge numbers. The last pair bred in Dumfries and Galloway in 1870, within 10 years they had been wiped out in Scotland.


Recently the RSPB and the government agencies Scottish Natural Heritage and English Nature, working with local landowners and farmers, launched an exciting reintroduction programme. As a result red kites are now once more flying wild in the Glenkens and other parts of Galloway.


A Galloway Kite Trail is under development. This is a road route around Loch Ken and Clatteringshaws where you can see and learn more about kites.


The Jubilee Walk


The Jubilee Walk was first made to mark the Queens Golden Jubilee in 2002.  Originally a one-off, the walk has now become a popular circular route and in addition to the wonderful Glenkens scenery and local landmarks look out for the benches by local craftsman John Crosby from Auchencairn.


For further information, contact:
Glenkens Community & Arts Trust,
The Old School, New Galloway,
Scotland, DG7 3RN.
Tel/Fax: 01644 420374

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210