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What is Isle Futures?


Isle Futures is a regeneration project dedicated "to improving the economic, social and environmental life of the Isle of Whithorn."  Isle Futures is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee with currently 10 Directors on the Board and 173 Members. This number of Members, from a village with just over 300 residents, illustrates the high level of community involvement and commitment to the project.


What are we working on now?


We have just completed building a new harbour slipway to improve access to the sea for visitors and local residents alike.


We have 2 major projects underway Business Support Services and Tourism Services.


Under Tourism Services we are organising a number of events which highlight the Isle of Whithorn as an attractive location to visit, as well as promoting local food and craft products. We are carrying out local environmental improvement projects, new pathways and interpretation. We have organised a number of activities for local children of all ages on themes of environment, heritage and culture.


Our Business Services project is now approaching its second year and has over achieved nearly all targets set in year 1 – demonstrating the enthusiasm and needs of local businesses and community groups. We provide a diverse range of services including one to one interviews and training session, awareness raising workshops, IT training and joint working to boost economic regeneration in the area.


We have analysed the needs of the community and produced a short to medium term development plan which will take our organisation through to 2010. Our main priority now is to acquire premises as a base for our One Stop Shop.


We are learning from other similar initiatives, both local and farther afield.


We are building strong relationships with other local groups and initiatives so that we can embark on projects to combat the social and economic challenges we face through a partnership approach, and coordinated efforts with others in the area.


What are our long term aims?


In addition to addressing the needs of the local residents, our Development Plan will address four areas: The Natural Environment, including the traditional industries of fishing and agriculture; as well as Crafts and Skills, Tourism and Accommodation.


More specifically we want to;


Establish Isle Futures as a Centre of Excellence for regeneration in Dumfries & Galloway while retaining the inherent character and culture of the village.


To establish a network of partners across the region.


To encourage the diversification of traditional industries in order to provide sustainable jobs in the future.


To develop services which encourage business start up and provide ongoing support for entrepreneurs in order to achieve sustainable jobs and economic growth in the long term.


To research and develop initiatives which will encourage an increased number of visitors to the Isle and to the surrounding area.


To provide accommodation and facilities for the local community and for visitors to the Isle to support these developments.


Can I join in the activities of the Company?


Yes! Isle Futures needs as many people as possible to have a say in the running of the Company. You can do this by becoming a Member of the Company. The spin-off in benefits for the whole of our community will be immense.


Can anyone become a Member?


Yes-providing you are resident in the Isle of Whithorn, or own a house here or are employed in the local area. Or you may just simply have an interest in the Isle. There is no time limit for joining, and you must be at least 18 years old.


Will it cost anything to be a Member?


No. The only cost to you would be if the Company were to be declared bankrupt. In that case you could be liable to pay £1.


How can I become a Member?


Simply fill in the enclosed form (click here)* - note that several people in the same household may use the same form, as long as they all sign. You can do it online - this link will take you to a form that is simple to download and complete, and which you then send to us. Then we can keep you in the picture about events and developments here at the Isle. Remember too that the Isle's quarterly newsletter, Isle News can be subscribed to, and an online version of some of the major stories is also available on this website.


Isle Futures is a Company Limited by Guarantee, and having no Share Capital.

Registration No: SC 226372





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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210