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Footprint's approach uses human ecology principles to develop exciting and innovative strategies that help sustain social and economic interests while also shifting groups towards environmental sustainability.


What makes Footprint different is the methods we use to implement these strategies, like our "Green Mentoring" scheme and our incredible wilderness workshops, which take place in some of Britain's most wild and inspirational landscapes.


We also run professional development courses to allow leaders, educators and healers to explore the educational and healing power of wild places.




Courses to train outdoor leaders in the fields of applied eco-education and ecotherapy. This programme is now in year six, and has been delivered internationally. It is proving very successful.


Consultancy services to organisations and businesses that wish to work towards ecological sustainability and social responsibility. This work is then implemented through education and training programmes that combine workplace-based learning with outdoor adventure elements.


Highland Ecotherapy programme, where outdoor experiences can be prescribed by family General Practitioners as part of an integrated programme to treat early-stage anxiety and depression. A programme has been developed along with GPs and Psychotherapists as a 12-week package aimed at people on the verge of depression. Rather than prescribe medication, the GPs prescribe a package of counselling; group work and eco-adventure experiences for the individual. The approach will help minimize long-term costs of dependency on the health services, while providing a practical alternative to prescription medication


Research services in outdoor education, ecopsychology and education for sustainability, including ongoing commitments to various post-graduate and graduate programmes in Scotland and overseas.


Footprint already operate world-wide and their consultants are all post-graduate qualified, internationally experienced and respected in the fields of human ecology and ecological education.


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210