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The Inverkip Pre 5 Centre

The Inverkip Pre 5 Centre began life in the early 1970`s as the Inverkip Church Playgroup. This was a small group of mothers who ran the playgroup in an unpaid capacity. They were not regulated and carried out their own fund-raising. They managed to keep the Playgroup afloat throughout the 70`s and 80`s at a time when the village itself saw a significant expansion in its population.

As the Playgroup moved into the 90`s, they entered into a partnership with Inverclyde Council and were then able to offer funded places. They were able to start employing staff and set about getting registered as a Charity in Scotland.

Over the last few years, there have been significant changes within the project. Firstly, the playgroup renamed itself - the Inverkip Pre 5 Centre. It began to offer staff training in line with good practice guidelines and saw the project start to operate at full capacity for the first time. Significantly, the project changed its legal structure from operating as a parent lead organisation to establishing itself as a Limited Company with a Board of Directors and a Working Committee.

Inverkip Pre 5 Centre has now set itself a number of short and long term objectives. They include;

  • A computerised Payroll
  • Outdoor Play surface and Equipment (Purchased or donated)
  • The employment of a Development Manager
  • To increase service times
  • To install a Fire Detection System

In the longer term, Inverkip Pre 5 Centre is looking to establish its own custom built facility and secure its own community mini-bus.

For further information, contact:
Alison Nugent
Inverkip Pre 5 Centre
Inverkip Church Hall
Langhouse Road
PA16 0BJ
Tel: 01475 - 521085

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210