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CESEL is the vision of Diane Henderson, who has worked/volunteered within the social economy sector for five years, she is in all respects a social entrepreneur having successfully set up and helped manage several groups, two Borders charities and two successful social enterprise projects within that time. First hand knowledge and understanding of the problems that people face have led her to develop her idea.

The Project is in the early stages of development and is keen to interact with other social enterprises and social entrepreneurs in order to find the best way of offering support and information to those who are trying to sustain their projects and organisations in innovative ways and to move away from an overdependence on grant funding or donations. This usually means that they will have been, or will be looking into the possibilities of engaging in some form of "trading".

The first stage of the project has been to develop the Network, which will provide accessible, informal support and specialised training to meet the needs of social economy organisations.

The second stage is to set up a social enterprise as a means of providing practical support and a positive example of social enterprise in the Scottish Borders, with the aim of raising income through trade so that it will become sustainable and eventually support the CESEL Network.

The network will hold regular social and training events for its members and is open to any organisation or individual based in Scotland with an interest in social enterprise.

The purpose of the network is to support Social Enterprises and Social Entrepreneurs in the Scottish Borders, by opening up our membership to organisations and individuals out with our area we are providing access to a wider variety of information and support, there are of course benefits on both sides as organisations out with our area are able to access information about developments within the Scottish Borders.


Events will be held in the Scottish Borders and it is hoped that all our members throughout Scotland will attend and bring their knowledge and ideas to help raise the profile of Social Enterprise in the Scottish Borders and support each other in a mutually beneficial way.


CESEL has already secure premises at 34 Woodmarket in Kelso and will be leasing office space, meeting room and educational facility to generate additional revenue.

For further information, contact:
Diane E. Henderson
Tel: 01573 223508

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210