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Equip Scotland is a new community resource for the voluntary sector within Scotland. Through this portal we aim to promote the reuse of materials and resources throughout Scotland in a bid to increase recycling, reuse and community sustainability.

Through the Equip Scotland portal we provide a mechanism for companies, organisations and individuals to donate items that are surplus to their requirements but are of value to the voluntary community within Scotland. Organisations are also able to make appeals online and perform swaps with other organisations.

This free resource can save you money. In-kind giving can benefit all from reducing the reliance on land fill by businesses to enabling charities to work more efficiently.

The idea for Equip Scotland was formulated after witnessing first hand resources being sent to landfill by corporate bodies that didn't realise the value these held to the voluntary sector. The reasoning for this activity has variously been given as the equipment/resource being "too slow", "redundant" or "just surplus".

It was recognised that most business enterprises don't have the staff/resources/contacts to source organisations to pass their equipment onto. Also recognising that it can be difficult for voluntary organisations to let their needs be known for items not directly related to their activities such as PC's, furniture, etc… Equip Scotland was formed to establish the link between the two sectors.

The matchmaking service offered by Equip Scotland is a very small part of the in-kind giving process. Acknowledging this, Equip Scotland aims to grow its services through partnerships and expanding its role. With a little luck and a lot of support from partner organisations Equip Scotland aims to provide a full matchmaking, collection, refurbishment, storage and distribution service. Any organisations interested in discussing where our interests meet please contact us using the contact details provided.

The Equip Scotland activities have so far been supported by a grant from Scotland UnLtd and generous support from the e-business development specialists Splash21 Ltd.

Through our activities we aim to help redress the charge of Scotland being Europe's worst for recycling and at the same time provide valuable resources for the community.

The new website contains a free online database that can be used by companies, organizations and individuals to donate items that are surplus to their requirements, but may be of value to the voluntary and charity sectors. Voluntary organisations can also use the same database to make online requests for donations or support from local companies or individuals.

The introduction of the WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) in 2004 will require the implementation of strategies for the disposal of surplus and redundant equipment, such as office and IT equipment, which previously would have been assigned to land-fill. The Equip Scotland portal aims to divert any usable resources and equipment away from land-fill sites and channel it into the local communities where they can be of value.

To date, Equip Scotland has had requests for office furniture/equipment, computers and transportation. However, it is intended that the portal be used to facilitate the exchange of a wide range of resources and services, such as funding and sponsorship, household furniture and admin and professional support, etc. Donations such as these would be greatly received.

Equip Scotland would like to hear from any individuals, groups or companies who may be able to assist in the development and promotion of the scheme. Equip Scotland also plan to expand their current service within the coming year and would like to speak to organizations and individuals interested in partnering Equip Scotland in providing refurbishment, collection, storage or distribution of equipment within their local area.

For further information, contact:
Kevin Green
Equip Scotland
66, Boglestone Avenue
Port Glasgow
PA14 5RS
Tel: 08707 - 476202
Fax: 08714 - 330214

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210