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Craigencalt Ecology Centre

What we do 

Craigencalt Ecology Centre (CEC) is a community-based project, situated in gently rolling hills overlooking Kinghorn Loch, in Fife. The organisation was established in 1998 and currently has 2 full time employees, one part time and a team of 25 volunteers. The site is a haven for wildlife and is a tranquil spot for a walk or picnic.

The Centre provides direct experience of the environment to school groups, community organisations and individuals. We use nature as a tool to improve people's lives. At the same time, CEC recognises that 'environment' is not just the countryside but includes urban areas and the people that live there.

We raise awareness of the environment and develop community involvement. A range of events are offered through our workshop programme: practical demonstrations; participatory activities and social gatherings. Opportunities are created for volunteering regardless of age or ability.

The site is open at all times and it costs nothing to wander around.

Environmental Education

Education is offered on several different levels. Our main target groups are primary schools, disadvantaged groups and the elderly but no one is excluded. Our classes for schools tend to concentrate on learning through fun activities. The emphasis here is to inspire rather than educate. Those children with learning difficulties or behavioural problems, or those who are just less academic tend to benefit greatly from this approach to education.

Community Workshops

Our Community Workshop programme has grown in popularity over the years and we try to offer a wide range of experience for the general public (see our website): anything to get them away from the shops and the telly, and to come together as a group trying out new activities.


Volunteers are a very important resource at Craigencalt. We have a large number of loyal volunteers, some of whom have been with us for up to five years. They cover the whole spectrum of society and a great range of abilities. We have several special needs groups who contribute greatly to our organisation, as well as benefiting from it. We have had several New Deal teenagers over the years with many going on to other jobs or colleges. Recent Achievements

  • Development of free visitor attractions including our 'What On Earth' demonstrations of action for sustainability.
  • An 'Access For All Path' from the picnic area through the woodland to the bird hide.
  • An 'Earthship' built by the partner organisation, Sustainable Communities Initiatives a demonstration of sustainable housing (the first of its kind in Europe).
  • Interpretation boards for casual visitors to learn from all made on site from oak 'rescued' by another local organisation.
  • Production of our Business Plan to focus our work, professionalise our services and plan for the future.

For further information, contact:
Julie or Ronnie
Craigencalt Ecology Centre
Craigencalt Farm
Kinghorn, Fife
Tel: 01592 891567

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210