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Alloa Community Enterprises Ltd (ACE)

In the spring of 1984 a group of volunteers in Clackmannanshire successfully raised funds to furnish a halfway house, which provided training and support to assist long stay patients in a nearby psychiatric hospital to regain their rightful place in society. From those humble beginnings arose what is now regarded as the most successful community recycling business in Scotland.


Due to the success of their fund raising venture, the volunteers recognised the need for an ongoing business, which would help to alleviate poverty in a high unemployment area.


With the help of a £1000 Small Business Grant and one employee Alloa Community Enterprises Ltd was launched in 1984. The first venture was a furniture project.


Over the years A.C.E. have diversified into other areas of Recycling and have built up excellent relationships with various market organisations such as Cheshire Paper, Berrymans and United Glass. This places the company in the unique position of being able to offer Local Authorities tailor made recycling schemes to meet the Authorities' needs.


Recently, the company was the only Scottish organisation to win an award at the prestigious MRW national recycling awards.


Today the company employs 15 full-time staff and owns a fleet of 10 vehicles.



A.C.E. Ltd started with a small business grant from the Central Regional Council of £1000. The company has never at any time received ongoing revenue funding but has, from time to time, made use of capital grant schemes e.g. Landfill Tax Credits.


Area of Operation:

Clackmannanshire, Stirlingshire and Falkirk, Edinburgh & Cumbria.

A.C.E's Activities & Services

Household furniture:

A.C.E depend on donations of unwanted furniture, white goods and bric-a-brac from the general public. The furniture is sold on at realistic prices to people who are not so well off.

Glass :


A.C.E. was one of the first companies in Scotland to introduce a colour separated glass collection scheme. When the scheme was launched in 1991 A.C.E. collected 290 tonnes per annum. Today the company collects around 6,500 tonnes p.a. and is probably the biggest collector of consumer glass in Scotland.


Around the same time A.C.E., in partnership with Clackmannanshire Council and Stirling Council launched a scheme to extract C.F.C. gases from redundant refrigerators (this was later expanded to include Falkirk Council.) Each local authority collects refrigerators from households and delivers them to a central point. They are collected in bulk from these designated centres by A.C.E. and transported to their depot for degasification by their qualified operator.

Aluminium Drinks Cans

A.C.E. is British Alcans' only process centre in Scotland. Cans from all over Scotland are delivered to their depot where contaminates are extracted before the cans are baled for transportation to B.A.s' smelting plant at Warrington. A.C.E also have their own network of collectors who use aluminium can recycling to raise funds for their own charity or voluntary organization. In total A.C.E. handle over 30 million used aluminium drinks cans every year.

Steel Cans Operates in the same manner as aluminium drinks cans.


ACE have launched a pilot kerbside sorted collection of paper, glass, mixed cans and textiles. Material is currently collected from a drive past of 10,000 households and has been so successful that plans are now in hand to extend the scheme to cover the whole of Clackmannanshire.

For further information, contact:
Mr. Tony Cassidy
Alloa Community Enterprises, Ltd
2A Candleriggs,
FK10 1EA
Tel/Fax: 01259 215090

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210