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Cosmopolita Scotland

Cosmopolita Scotland is a bilingual, independent, digital newspaper written in Spanish and English which aims to help integrate Spanish speakers into Scottish culture.

A registered charity, Cosmopolita Scotland is run by volunteers in Scotland and deals mainly in what they like to call ‘slow journalism’ – using journalistic and academic sources to provide background information, analysis and texture to stories.

A defining aspect of Cosmopolitia Scotland’s journalism is that each story is deliberately tailored to provide two cultural perspectives for each piece: one for a Spanish-speaking audience and one for an English-speaking audience. Each article is edited twice, with difference sources provided for the English and Spanish versions of each story, framed slightly differently to speak to a specific audience.

Cosmopolita Scotland have a strong focus on ‘long-life’ current affairs in both Scotland and the Spanish-speaking world, while also reporting on the challenges faced by other cultural communities currently living in Scotland.

With their journalism, Cosmopolita Scotland aim to assist the integration of the Spanish speaking community into Scottish society, breaking down the language barrier between two cultural identities.

The editorial team have a keen interest in social and environmental justice and use their output to drive and encourage debate on these issues by reporting on incidents which often fall outside the mainstream media agenda.


For more information, contact:

Cosmopolita Scotland
Room G26
St Margaret's House
151 London Road

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210