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Bottle of Ginger
Bottle of Ginger is bringing back drinks manufacturing to the East End of Glasgow and with that - the sense of community. Their drinks are considered, designed, foraged, grown and manufactured in small batches by the community at their Brigtoun Manufactory.
Bottle of Ginger is a social enterprise and all profits are recycled back into local food and drink initiatives - supporting individuals, local groups and projects.
 They believe that ginger can be better - made with a social and environmental awareness, with ethical, local and organic ingredients. No syrups, artificial colours or sweeteners. Their drinks are made using a natural fermentation process. The wild yeast creates complex flavours while eating away the sugar, increasing levels of vitamin B & C and allowing for beneficial probiotic cultures to thrive.
Forage, Farm, Ferment is their public engagement and training programme. Each drink starts with a programme of events - discussion, films and workshops - exploring ethical, political and environmental themes behind ingredients and manufacturing processes. The drink is then further developed, grown and manufactured, allowing the individuals involved to gain new skills in the area of horticulture, design, nutrition, sales and fermentation. 
They are currently in the process of developing their Brigtoun Manufactory - a micro-brewery and micro-farming space. They are also part of Urban Edge, a grower's collective. with whom they have taken on a 360m2 growing tunnel.
Bottle of Ginger CIC
the Manufactory
142 Crownpoint Road
G40 2AE
Tel. 07478 - 261139


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210