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Drum Adventure

A charity whose purpose is to relieve the poverty, further the health and advance the education of the inhabitants of Drumchapel, Glasgow and surrounding areas without distinction of politics, religion, race or sex, through outdoor and adventure activities.

For the first seven years, the group was funded through Urban Aid, which allowed for an office and store to be established and for a Project Leader, Clerical Worker, Instructor and Stores person to be employed.  A substantial stock of equipment, e.g. kayaks, toppers (small sailing boats), skis, camping equipment and a minibus was purchased.

As the group developed and grew, it gained considerable recognition and now has a large number of affiliated groups accessing services. These include primary and secondary schools, youth clubs, addiction services, mental health and physically disabled groups, social work, community education and D.O.E groups as well as boys brigades, cadets, girl guides etc.

Drum Adventure views these activities as means to an end, and all its courses and programmes are arranged to suit individual client group needs.  In this way it hopes to ensure that the maximum benefit is gained for the individual through their participation in the activities whether this be training, therapy, physical exercise or simply enjoyment.

What We Provide

Instruction:  In all activities, we recognise the element of risk, therefore, all trips and courses are led by suitably qualified and experienced instructors.  This reflects our desire to keep outdoor activities as safe and enjoyable as possible.

In addition, aspiring individuals who show true potential and interest to instruct/lead others, can be provided with training/sponsorship for qualifications.

Equipment:  We have a large array of equipment in our continuously expanding store.  This equipment is at your service during instructed courses and is loaned to self-programming groups for  a minimal, maintenance charge.

Information Centre:  We provide specialized information on all forms of outdoor pursuits, from where to go, how much it is likely to cost and what to take with you.  This is important since it allows individuals to remain independent but also be safe.

How To Join:

Affiliation Fees:  The affiliation fee for year 2005-2006 for groups is 100.00 (April-March).  For a group application form, simply phone the Drum Adventure office 0141-994-5555.  Details of added advantages of affiliation below.

How To Arrange Or Book Activities For Your Group:

Once your group has decided on which type of activity they wish to undertake e.g. mountain biking, skiing, etc., what dates they require and how many wish to take part in the activity.  The group leader should then contact either Sharon Reilly, Office Manager or Archie Waters, Project Leader on 0141-944-5555 to discuss the details of your proposed activity and establish the course/programme aims.

Our pricing policy is straightforward.  Each day course utilising our own resources, for affiliated groups outwith Drumchapel, is charged at 280 to community groups, schools and voluntary organisations and 350 to local authority groups, employment training agencies, colleges etc.  These prices are inclusive or transport, equipment, and instruction.  (This assumes a one-day activity group unit based on National Governing Body recommended ratios usually 1:8).  We can also provide half day/evening courses at 175 and 240 respectively.

Drum Adventure aims to keep its charges as near as possible to two-thirds commercial cost for affiliated groups.  This allows grant applications to demonstrate approximately 100 per day of legitimate match funding on any grant application. Currently we are only able to offer a 70 reduction due to changes in funding allocations for the voluntary sector. Please ask for a confirmation letter as necessary.

Please note that where courses incur extra costs, such as lift passes when skiing or accommodation fees during residentials, these are simply passed on to client groups on an 'at cost' basis.

Added Advantages of Affiliation:

Equipment loan: Affiliated groups can borrow our equipment for their clients use during self-programmed courses for a 2.50 per head, per day (1 per child) maintenance fee.

This is subject to availability and the group leader having appropriate leader/instructor qualification or experience.

Insurance: Many group leaders assume that they and their clients will be covered for activities under their normal group insurance.  This may not be the case check with your group insurers.  If not, activity insurance can be bought through Drum Adventure for approximately 3 per person per day.

Transport: Affiliated groups are able to use our mini-buses for a 30 maintenance fee during the vehicle's "down time".  Drivers must be over 21, have a clean license with D1 entitlement and attend our driver's induction.  Fuel, insurance excess and/or damage repairs are the responsibility of the user group.

For further information, contact:
Sharon Reilly
Drum Adventure
195D Drumry Road East
G15 8NS
Tel: 0141 944 5555
Fax: 0141 944 5557

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210