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Assist Social Capital
Assist Social Capital CIC (ASC) works with individuals and organisations anywhere to develop  communities, using ‘social capital’ as a critical resource.
They use social capital to …
• Highlight the value human relationships
• Explore the quantity and quality of relationships
• Put numbers to soft outcomes in order to benchmark
• Move from anecdotal to strategic and replicable
• Make visible what is currently invisible
• Develop Action Plans to begin investing strategically in social capital to deliver positive social outcomes and resilience
ASC provides solutions that have long term, sustainable impact. By tapping into local social assets ASC delivers social innovation where it is most needed and most effective.
ASC has been involved in establishing a number of initiatives and partnerships – some that are now up and running; and others that are still in development. These include:
1.      Co-founders ofThe Social Capital World Forum
3.      Social Enterprise and Biosphere Reserves Development Framework (NB)
4.      OASIIS - Opening Access to Sustainable Independent Income Streams
NB - ASC currently has a proposal in to Govt looking for funding to scale up this work after the decision to set up a global thematic SEN for the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. 
For further info on Assist Social Capital, contact:
Assist Social Capital


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210