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Fair Deal

Fair Deal is rooted in the history and culture of Castlemilk and has been since the organisation was formed just over 25 years ago. It was initially formed by a group of parents to influence change and break new ground in relation to service design and delivery for people with learning disabilities and this continues to be what it seeks to do with the full involvement of people who use our support and services as well as parents and carers. 

As an organisation it is completely committed to meeting the individual needs of the people it supports and to challenging and campaigning on their behalf when necessary. While some organisations are often about providing a service to people, Fair Deal is about helping people get a life through the support it provides.
They work closely with local authorities and other partner organisations to ensure people with learning disabilities are afforded their full rights as citizens and supported to reach their full potential and contribute positively using their experience, gifts, talents, skills and abilities within their community and beyond.
Fair Deal operates as a social enterprise and for our ground breaking work in valuing people with learning disabilities as active citizens, they were proud winners of the Social Enterprise of the Year Award for 2013. They also picked up the Evening Times Community Champion Award  in 2013 for their innovative project called ‘Help Yourself Grow‘.

Fair Deal continues to offer a range of activities and support options for people who may wish to use their individual budget to buy what they need from Fair Deal. Self directed support options means people now have more choice and control over the services and support they receive, how they are supported and when that support takes place. Fair Deal is committed to personalised and individual support arrangements that create opportunities for people to build friendships and relationships where they want to.
For further info’, contact:
Fair Deal
355a Tormusk Road
G45 0HF
Tel: 0141-634-4996

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210