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Greenway is a training social enterprise offering Grow Food Nature's Way" courses both in Scotland and in Lower Austria. 

They are a specialist technology and training team committed to developing and promoting best practice in optimising soil fertility and community food production and provide training programmes for community groups and individuals how to recycle their garden and kitchen waste; make excellent compost;  and grow food without using any chemicals.
This method is accessible to anyone regardless of age or ability - even successful in an inner city gap site. Bespoke courses can be arranged to suit the needs of individual client groups.
Greenway Courses are also being delivered in Austria by their Training Partners, Vermigrand, near Vienna. This is in association with Natur im Garten.
They try to include as much information as they can about the Greenway service into the site - but some projects just can't be pigeonholed that easily!
If you are looking for specialist expertise with a community project or council development relating to sustainable food production and regeneration, then feel free to get in touch and see how Greenway can help you.
Typical programmes include theory and practical sessions, discussions and workshops on:
• best design for your own situation
• how to create excellent compost and wormcast
• how to develop perfect soil for your plants
• steps to growing excellent food
• the importance of local food to your family and community
For further information, contact:
Ronald Gilchrist
Tel: +44 (0) 1475 568 645

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210