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A quiet revolution is happening. Ordinary people are reclaiming control of a key part of their diet. Many are discovering that you can only trust the words ‘freshly baked’ when you open the oven door yourself; that better bread is made with fewer ingredients and more time to rise; and that sharing what you’ve baked with family, friends and neighbours brings joy and fulfilment. Fifty years after technicians at Chorleywood created the white sliced loaf for which Britain is notorious, the backlash against its bland texture, undeclared additives and dubious digestibility is gathering pace. Sales of industrial loaves are dropping as more and more people take matters into their own hands and start to bake at home. 
Bread Matters is a part of this revolution. It was started in 2003 by Andrew Whitley to advertise the importance of real bread. They promote the social, economic, cultural and health benefits of making bread using slow fermentation and home-grown grains. Their considered approach to teaching, living, working and growing creates the right conditions for the fermentation of real bread and good ideas. Their purpose is to inspire individuals and groups, and to disseminate the knowledge and skills that will enable communities to nourish healthy people from the fields around them, enrich their local economy and cultivate food sovereignty.
Bread Matters works collaboratively with local, sustainable businesses and with agencies, educators, policy makers and campaigns in pursuit of a fairer, healthier food system.
  • They run the most authoritative bread making courses in the UK. For beginner or old hand, domestic cook or aspiring professional, Bread Matters is the place to come to learn new skills and get to grips with good bread. All the courses are taught by Andrew Whitley who worked for many years as a full-time artisan baker. People learn by doing, so every participant makes a variety of breads, feeling the changes as a dough comes together and observing the crucial part time plays in developing good flavour, satisfying texture and nutritional integrity.
  • Bread Matters runs an online shop which sells a careful selection of specialist baking equipment. Smaller items such as proving baskets are held in stock. Larger items such as the Häussler range of stone ovens (electric and wood-fired) and mixers are supplied direct from the manufacturer.
  • They have recently launched the Bread Matters Fungal Network, a separate website that links everyone who uses (or plans to use) some of the sourdough starter that has raised millions of loaves since Andrew Whitley brought its ancestor from Russia in the early 1990s.
  • They pioneered training for Community-Supported Bakeries back in 2008 and have supported several of the growing number of such ventures that have emerged since then. 
The real aim of Bread Matters is to campaign for organic food, real bread (Andrew co-founded the Real Bread Campaign) and changes in food policy that will lead to healthier people and an enduring biosphere.
For further info contact:

Macbiehill Farmhouse
West Linton, Peeblesshire
EH46 7AZ

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210