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ClubWorld Sports Ltd
ClubWorld Sports Ltd (CWS) is a registered Scottish Charity which operates as a sports social enterprise providing the platform for members of the public to pursue their sporting ambitions.
The organisation was established by experienced sports and education professionals who believe sport can have a positive impact on many current social issues in Scotland.  CWS is developing projects in local communities and creating new learning opportunities for a new generation of sports enthusiasts.  They believe there should be no barriers to sports participation and everyone should have the chance to shine regardless of gender, race or social background.
CWS also believes sport can be a realistic career option for young people but with a current lack of employment opportunities the talents of many young people are being wasted. They seek to address this issue through new training projects which provide the skills, experiences and opportunities for people to realise their potential and become effective contributors to society through sport.
The legacy of both the 2012 Olympic and the 2014 Commonwealth Games has generated a greater interest in sport. CWS believeS that the refreshed public interestt can be captured and developed into lifelong participation improving health and well-being in our communities.
The success of CWS was recognised in 2013 when it was nominated as a finalist in the Social Enterprise of the Year category at Glasgow Enterprise Awards, 
CWS’ key objectives are:
·         Provide community sports activities that will advance public participation in sport and improve health in local communities.
·         The advancement of education with pathways to training, education and employment
·         The prevention or relief of poverty by improving the life conditions and opportunities of persons, who by reason of their youth or social and economic circumstances have a need for support.
·         The advancement of citizenship and community development by encouraging people to take part or volunteer in sport or physical activity
·         Encourage citizens to work together and promote religious and racial harmony through sports activities which challenge attitudes and barriers within local communities.
CWS works in partnership with many national, regional and local organisations to deliver a variety of projects – using sport as a catalyst to encourage learning and development at all ages and stages of life. 
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ClubWorld Sports Ltd

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210