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Bridging Futures, Fife
The building proposed for these activities is Thomson House, Methil docklands (8,000 sq ft) a state of the art building by the waterside, but there will be hubs set up over Fife in community use of schools, offering the exact same as Thomson House.  We have gained this building for a peppercorn rent and this is payable for the first 12 months then will be negotiable.  This building was designed and occupied by Lauder/Carnegie/Fife College over 11 years ago and when the building first opened was furnished by sponsorship and grants gifted by local and national companies for the good of the community with the proviso that the furnishings, IT and computer equipment, etc remained within the local area, as they were built using European social fund and capital grants. 
Having an already custom built building and contents will ensure that the social enterprise is up and running sooner rather than later. The Board expect to commence trading in March 2015. The project will run and be open from 8 am to 8pm, 7 days a week and open 52 weeks a year. There will be a community drop in café run by local volunteers.
Workshops/Tutorials/Courses will include:                                             
·         Employability Skills
cv’s, letter writing, application forms, interview skills, dressing for success  and starting and keeping a job.
·         Soft and social skills
time management, assertiveness, team building, confidence building, public speaking , etc
·         Health and Wellbeing
retaining healthy weight, obesity, anorexia fitness, nutrition, diet
·         Budgeting and Financial Planning
pension/life insurance/banking tutorials,  preparation for life!
Workshops/tutorials will be offered on preparation and cooking of nutritious meals and snacks and  budgeting on  a shoe string.
Workshops will be offered on checking oil and water, importance of MOT and road tax, basic car maintenance (run at knock hill race track).
A craft café will offer picture framing, arts & crafts, knitting, crochet, embroidery.  Workshops will offer jewellery making, photography, web design and flower arranging and hair and makeup.  More workshops will offer basic electrics (ie changing a plug, not overloading electrical sockets), painting, decorating, designing and furnishing their first home, basic first aid and, many looked after children have been separated at birth from their brothers and sisters. will open a path to allow them to reunite.
Self- employment will be encouraged.  Especially with Business Gateway Fife, Young Enterprise Scotland, Princess Trust and Business Entrepreneurs/Angels.
A 2 week summer school will be run – offering day trips like canoeing, rock climbing, abseiling, bird watching, hill walking and other adventurous, fit and healthy activities.
All the workshops/course/tutorials will be accredited with prior learning (APL) and be certificated.  Work readiness qualifications commissioned by Skills Development Scotland.  The certificate of work readiness is already delivered by Fife Council and is a qualification which offers the looked after children and young carers, the chance to prove that they have the skills and attitudes that employers want.
Sadly over 23% of looked after children are either sexually, physically or mentally abused by their foster carers, parents or siblings.  Sadly too, the young carers lose an average of 48 days per year from school, leaving only 31 weeks in each year to engage with the school curriculum.  The looked after children range from birth to 21 years of age and the young carer’s average age of starting caring is sadly 8 years upwards.
To date we have 12 director board members,  28 volunteer advisors, including YES, Social Enterprise Scotland, Fife Voluntary Action, Brag Enterprises, Police, 2 young persons and many more very influential  and knowledgeable people. The experience will do the young persons the world of good in their future career and  it will certainly be of benefit hearing his or her story on being brought up, loved and cared for by foster carers, to the Board members.
Intergeneration families  is   built on an asset based approach to building healthier better and safer communities, such an approach by the social enterprise will no doubt improve the looked after children’s health and wellbeing. Children and teenagers will also learn how to respect and look after the elderly.
The social enterprise has no desire to duplicate the sterling work that all the statutory,  voluntary agencies and training providers  do in Fife but merely to  bring  all statutory agencies together  which will ensure partnership working and capacity building thus leading to the benefit of  the looked after children  and young carers Fife.
For further info, contact:
Rose Duncan
Chief Executive
Bridging Futures

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210