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Hansel Alliance

Hansel Alliance is the operational arm of Hansel Foundation that began life in Hansel Village in Ayrshire, nearly 40 years ago. The Foundation is based on the groundbreaking work of Professor Jack Tizard.

In 1962 the site was purchased by its founders Isobel and Tom Murdoch, providing support to 6 young people. By the mid-1980's the organisation had evolved into an integrated community setting - offering living, vocational, educational and recreational facilities for over 100 service users.

In the last 15 years, Hansel has changed significantly and is now a complex organisation with a turnover of 6m, employing around 370 staff. Currently most Hansel service users live in their own homes in the community and access a range of services such as housing support; social, leisure and recreational services; supported employment services, including Workprep and Personal Development Planning.

Although Hansel continues to offer registered residential services, including respite, many service users have chosen to move on into their own tenancies and Hansel has been able to facilitate and support these moves in a pro-active way, for example, by overcoming community housing barriers.

In addition, Hansel Foundation has developed Fairway, an innovative service supporting young people in the transition from education into adult life. This service has broken new ground in introducing service users to peer mentors from mainstream school settings, building age appropriate social networks and promoting social inclusion.

Hansel services are funded in a number of different ways. Some are purchased by Local Authorities on a fixed-term contract basis, through a competitive tendering process and are monitored and reviewed accordingly. Local Authorities also purchase some services on a "call-off" contract or "spot purchase" basis, which allows the Local Authority significant flexibility in their choice of social enterprises.

However, this is less sustainable from a service provider perspective as it can be more difficult to deliver continuity, for example in relation to staffing, when there is no certainty about the length of time that the service will be required for. Our employment services funding comes mainly from the DWP, through the government's "Workstep" scheme or through JobCentre Plus contracts. Hansel also has experience of Lottery funding and specific fundraising events as a means of developing new services.

For further information, contact:
Nan Smith,
Development Manager,
Hansel Village,
Ayrshire. KA1 5PU.
Tel. : 01563 831416 (Direct Line)
Fax. : 01563 830019

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210