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Dynamic Woods

Dynamic Woods is a Scottish Charity that brings together local communities, environmentalists, landowners and local businesses to promote the sustainable development of woodland resources. Scottish Wood is the trading arm of the charity, born from extensive and ongoing research into the woodland culture in Fife. The group's aim is to regenerate a thriving woodland culture, maximising the potential from existing broadleaf woodlands. This will help secure the future of Scotland's woodlands; help to improve the local environment, boost the local economy and create genuine local employment and training opportunities.

While timber is a renewable resource the vast majority of indigenous local hardwood resources are wasted or underused. The hardwood industry is left mainly to a few large firms based outside Scotland who search for the very best trees to export and process outside Scotland. Some of these products are then re-imported as prime grade timber or veneers. The rest of Scotland's timber is deemed "waste" or valueless, and in some cases trees that have graced Scotland for hundreds of years are even dumped in landfill sites.

Scottish Wood Centre

The Scottish Wood Centre was set up with the help of funds from Rural Challenge, Fife Environment Trust and Shell Better Britain to help address this culture of neglect. Waste timber and timber from woodlands undergoing management in the local area is taken in and converted to kiln dried or fresh sawn timber. The Centre also produces flooring and some basic outdoor furniture.


Wood Stocks

Scottish Wood stocks a range of timber products produced in the Centre, including kiln dried, air-dried and green timber; broad boards squared or natural edges and flooring and timber cladding. They also provide machining and finishing service, requests sourced and cut to order and all their timber complies with BS for moisture content

Prices for kiln dried hardwoods vary from 20-40 per cubic foot (687-1374/m3) depending on species and grading. Specialist timber, burrs and unusual cuts may cost more

Forest Festival

Inzievar woods are a resource for all ages, with the forest festival the highlight of the year when all sorts of things go on at the woods. There have been hundreds of teddy's roaming free at a teddy bears picnic, in 2001 they were joined by a dragon, Draeko, and last year festival goers made huts, dreamweavers and other woodland arts.

For further information, contact:
Inzievar Woods       
Fife KY12 8HB
Tel: 01383 851328
Fax: 01383 851339

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210