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Fyne Homes Ltd

Fyne Homes Ltd, registered on 28th February 1961, as William Woodhouse Strain, is the oldest Housing Association in Argyll and Bute. The organisation is in effect an amalgamation of 4 local Associations and became known as Fyne Homes Ltd in 2002.

The association's story first started in 1936 when William Woodhouse Strain, a Glasgow Solicitor bequeathed land and buildings at Port Bannatyne in Trust to Bute County Council. Woodhouse Strain was concerned at the plight of farm workers who were dependent on tied housing and when they lost their jobs or retired found themselves homeless and the bequest was to be used to house those who found themselves in these unfortunate circumstances.

By the 1960s the buildings having outlived their usefulness and the Council decided to seek Court of Session Approval to alter the terms of the bequest to allow them to build houses on the site by forming the Trust into a Housing Association.

Fyne Homes now proudly serves the communities of Bute, Cowal, Mid Argyll and Kintyre and continues to provide quality affordable housing in these areas through new build and rehabilitation and is playing a full part in meeting the Executives Social Inclusion agenda through an ever growing wider action programme.

Recent developments include;


This 7 storey round tower was a partnering project between Fyne Homes Ltd and Stewart & Shields to provide 14 sustainable, energy efficient homes for rent. The name (Gaelic for Crow's Nest) was selected by a pupil from Rothesay Academy. A'Chrannag is on the outskirts of Rothesay, just outside the Rothesay Conservation Area. The brief was to build around 15 two and three-bedroom homes for rent to meet local needs for affordable housing. Fyne Homes requested that the dwellings were energy efficient, and that the local community could participate in the planning process. Three design options were presented to the people of Rothesay: 14 detached and semi-detached houses with front and back gardens, a series of terraced blocks, or the round tower house idea. Most preferred the tower, as it minimised land use and took best advantage of the views. The tower is set within secluded grounds, sheltered by mature trees. Each floor is split into two flats, with rooftop terraces on the top-floor homes. The staircase and lift are located to the rear of the tower, freeing up the front and allowing each living room a balcony with a view.

Energy efficiency was achieved by using triple glazing, 600mm thick walls with high levels of insulation, airtight construction and a heat recovering system. The heat loss from the building has been reduced to such a level that a dedicated heating system is not required, but back-up combined panel and storage electric heaters are available, if needed, in the living areas. Bedrooms need no heating at all.

Bute Recycling Centre

Bute Recycling Centre is a partnership project between Fyne Homes and Bute Waste Watchers.

Built almost entirely from recycled, reclaimed and sustainably sourced materials, the Bute Recycling Centre is a superb example of what can be achieved with the application of imagination, design skill and sensitivity to all aspects of the sustainability equation. The Recycling Centre serves an additional role as an educational resource for local schools. The centre opened on 1st August 2004 and has already proved to be a huge success

At the Dynamic Place Awards 2004, Bute Recycling Centre received two awards, one under the Buildings & Construction category, which recognises quality in design and innovation and the other The Sir Robert Grieve Award for Sustainability.

For further information, contact:
Peter MacDonald
Operations Manager
Fyne Homes Ltd
81 Victoria Street
Isle of Bute
PA20 0AP
Tel: 01700 504668

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210