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Greetings from Leith Ltd

This week's bulletin profiles an Edinburgh-based social enterprise (a member of Social Firms Scotland and Edinburgh SEN) that designs, makes and sells a range of greeting cards. In doing so, ‘Greetings from Leith’ (GfL) aims to provide creative work for people from disadvantaged backgrounds. All GfL’s materials are re-cycled - with their paper being made from 100% post-consumer waste from a small community in India.

One of GfL's primary aims to provide creative work for people from dis-advantaged backgrounds. Their packaging is made from cornstarch rather than plastic and therefore bio-degrades in about 40 days. The envelopes used are re-cycled as well.
Their cards are miniature pieces of 3 dimensional art that can be kept and framed. There is no printing at all in their cards - all of which are made in Scotland.     
The U.K Greetings Industry is worth £1.4 Billion pounds a year and we spend more on greetings cards than we do on tea and coffee combined in Britain. The first greetings card in the world was sold in Leith, Edinburgh in 1841.

Despite the size of the industry, it is still hard to find a card that is eco-friendly and most cards are mass produced in China.

In all these respects, Greetings from Leith is different

For further info, contact:

Greetings from Leith Ltd.
The Butterfly Studio
49 Pilton Cresent
Tel: 07411354964


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210