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Fly Cup Catering

Fly Cup is a social enterprise which enables adults with learning disabilities to access training and employment opportunities within the catering sector.

It provides its trainees with work experience through its cafe, bakery and outside catering services. Fly Cup also works closely with other catering establishments in the area to develop temporary or permanent work placements.

Its objectives are to assist adults with learning disabilities, including school leavers, to have a fulfilling role in their local communities by providing professional catering training and a path to employment opportunities within the catering sector.

Their services include:


• To provide professional catering training to the highest standards.
• To produce an individual training plan for each trainee.
• To provide trainees with the opportunity to achieve nationally recognised catering qualifications, where appropriate.
• To provide trainees with training leading to a Fly Cup Certificate of Achievement, where appropriate

Employment Opportunities

• To identify suitable work placements for trainees, wherever possible.
• To develop “in house” catering activities for trainees whose requirement for a high level of supervision means that it is unlikely that they can be placed in a normal commercial environment.
• To work with partner organisations that can provide trainees, who have a requirement for a high level of supervision, with access to catering activities.
Inclusion within the community

• To provide Fly Cup trainees with a friendly and supportive working environment at Fly Cup and at their work placements.
• To assist trainees to develop the “life skills” needed for successful working life such as communication and social interaction skills.
• To enable Fly Cup trainees to participate in catering activities which bring them into contact with members of the public, so building their social skills and helping the wider community to appreciate their many strengths.

Fly Cup Catering Ltd,
Unit 2, Advertising House,
Blackhall Industrial Estate,
Burghmuir Circle,
AB51 4FS
Tel: 01467 625645


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210