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Although I haven`t met him, it`s like Laurence Demarco isn`t a complete stranger because of the slice of life at the start of each bulletin, so to introduce Artesian and myself I`d like to begin the same kind of way.


The other week I went to one of those fine new buildings in Edinburgh that houses a financial institution. I stood in the atrium, in tears after an argument with a plate glass window, and wondered what would happen to the people who have to work there (maybe it does happen for some of them) if they were to allow themselves to draw or paint from the inside out on to paper or canvas; what images would emerge? I have to admit I was seeing strange trapped creatures, but I was still upset by that encounter with the glass and simultaneously so very glad I have the luxury of not having to work in that kind of environment.

I have the huge privilege of being part of Artesian.


Artesian is a new Charity run by and for artists – the self-taught, the visionary, the survivors of poor health, the misfits who persist in allowing images that burn in imagination to take 2D or 3D form regardless of fashion. We have faith that people are innately creative and we encourage others to trust and to explore their creativity as we do ourselves. We seek to promote the work of artists who are for whatever reason outside the mainstream through our web-site (, our group exhibitions, our magazine and our support network. We welcome new artists.


We thought when we started in 1999 that Artesian would be a forum for outsider and raw artists in Scotland. We have been awed, humbled and plain gobsmacked, depending on who were are talking to, by the response to our efforts from way beyond Scotland, although all six of the exhibitions we have had so far have been in Edinburgh venues and we are based here. We want to share our enthusiasm for the art that arrives in our office by almost every post and that is part of why I wanted to write this profile for Senscot readers, so that you can visit our web-site, subscribe to our magazine and come to our exhibitions.


`The Man About Edinburgh`, poet and Artesian Trustee Brian Sinclair will be having a solo exhibition at Wester Hailes Arts Centre in May. Another Trustee David McAleece will have his work up in Forrest Café (West Port, Edinburgh) for a month from 17th May, a show much recommended to lovers of sci-fi and other worlds. Also, a group exhibition `Creative Spirit` will be at a venue yet to be confirmed, and `Out of the Ashes` will be at the Patriothall Gallery (Hamilton Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh) from 11th –29th May.


`Out of the Ashes` is an atypical venture for Artesian as it is inspired by external events rather than internal processes but the art on show will certainly be raw. We invited creative responses to 11.01.01 and subsequent events and we got the full gamut from the outrage and need for revenge to the search for reconciliation and peace.


I was in that wonderful new building where I met the glass in order to find money for Artesian. Ideally we are looking for private benefactors, and joint investors so if you know of any please direct them straight to us! We are desperate to get our own permanent gallery and office space and we are looking for £55k in £5k units to add to the £25k already pledged towards the purchase of premises, unless someone can offer us free space with disabled access and easy parking.


If you do check out our web-site please help our web-site designer with the research for her MSC project by completing the evaluation form available online.


For further information, contact:
Tel: 1031-446-9436

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210