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CyberCycle is a Community Business located in Mayfield, Midlothian and is part of the McSence group of companies. The business started in January 2001 and provides training in IT skills to local young people as well as providing a computer recycling service that makes fully refurbished computers available to local groups and individuals at affordable rates (£200 or £275).

CyberCyle relies on the donation of unwanted computer equipment, and, as part of their training, trainees dismantle, test, repair, rebuild and clean the computers, which are then passed back into the community.

Initial funding for the project has come from the Eastern Scotland European Partnership, The Coalfields Regeneration Trust and Midlothian Council.

Already, a number of young people have moved into employment and CyberCycle is confident that, through increased donations from the Public and Private Sectors, their maintenance service can be expanded to create further employment within the business itself.

A key element in CyberCycle longer-term strategy is the European Directive that, by 2003, will prohibit companies from dumping electronic and electrical equipment into landfill sites. Thus, by making more computers available for refurbishment, the community benefits from increased training and local employment opportunities as well as helping to ensure that local communities can have access to new technology and the internet where ,otherwise, they are often excluded from such access.

CyberCycle is only one of two such projects in Scotland and its impact in its first year was such that it was awarded the Scottish Business in the Community "Community Investment Award" in November 2001.


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210