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Edinburgh Eco- Office


The Edinburgh Eco-Office is the pilot project of the Eco-Office Scotland Initiative which is seeking to establish a network of similar offices across Scotland. The notion of the Eco-Office was conceived by Ecollective, an Edinburgh based association formed to facilitate and promote projects that demonstrate sustainable working and living.


The pilot aims to provide affordable shared office spaces in central Edinburgh for voluntary organisations and community groups who are seeking to develop sustainable community projects as well as small businesses and co-operatives that would benefit from a supportive low-cost working environment.


The open plan office facilities will be managed by a not-for-profit service co-operative with a layout, including information technology and furniture, that allows for flexible working patterns such as hot-desking. This will include the promotion of waste recycling, sharing office resources, renewable energy and energy efficiency measures, ecologically designed interior and sustainable transport.


The aim of the initiative is to create a seedbed for the development of projects, by bringing together a complimentary network of people that share similar ideals.


The idea is based on a number of similar examples in Copenhagen that have been highly successful in providing such a resource for community groups and small businesses.

For more information, contact:
Neil Mackay
53, Dublin Street
Edinburgh EH3 6NL
Tel: 0131-467-0913







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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210