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The Glasgow Mentoring Network was set up informally in 1999 with the intention of bringing together organisations to share best practice in a field that was new to some and developing for all.
Since then, the network has become a company limited by guarantee with charitable status, has taken on the management of a number of projects and has been instrumental in establishing and influencing the development of other networks. Throughout this time the Network has remained true to its original mission, working towards ensuring an effective and accessible service for all. By the end of March 2001, Glasgow had several hundred operational Mentors involved in Member run programmes.
In September 2001, the GMN Ltd began a pilot, supported by Scottish Enterprise Glasgow, to provide a mentoring service to Social Economy Enterprises throughout the city. This pilot was instigated in recognition of the 'significant and valuable contribution they can make to the economic regeneration of their communities' and that more support was needed to allow such organisations to reach their potential.
Research showed that support was most needed in the areas of Project Funding, Core Funding, Organisational Development Support and Networking/Sectoral Support.
The idea of the pilot is to put people involved in new and emerging social enterprises in touch with leaders and decision-makers from major third and private sector organisations. Regular, confidential meetings take place with the 'Mentor' which allow groups and individuals to focus on the areas of business development and support that are of most relevance to them. GMN research has shown that these are most likely to include:
  • An exchange of information re organizational restructuring, planning and strategy
  • Opportunities for Job Shadowing
  • A forum for problem solving
  • Access to a wider network for the sharing of best practice
To date, GMN has recruited almost 40 social enterprises within the Glasgow area and is constantly on the look out for more ` mentors` to volunteer for the programme.
For further information, contact:
Jacqueline Thomas
Glasgow Mentoring Network Ltd
Tel: 0141-204-0721

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210