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The City of Play

Here at ‘The City of Play’ we offer more than a 'standard' Architecture practice. We love nothing more than to indulge our inner child and inspire others; turning them on to the power of 'place' through the imaginative perceptions of childhood. We are a brand new, motivated and creative practice with our own ideals on the practice of Architecture and urban design.

We have a strong belief in developing the urban environment to stimulate a child’s imagination and inspire their play. We do this by promoting and instigating creative and playful projects for the benefit of urban citizens and children as well as supporting and providing our services to the play factions of the UK.

We are recent graduates of University of Strathclyde where we have spent the past six years studying Architectural Design. Through our education we have developed our design expertise and philosophies and now feel we are ready to advance the urban fabric with innovative places of play.

We aim to design with a sense of fun as we like to imagine the good times people may enjoy in our spaces and design to suit. We also aim to provide spaces that encourage the adult population to embrace our cities in the same way that our children do; with imagination and without inhibition.

For further info, contact:

Glasgow: 07760 886784
Edinburgh: 07769 277639

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210