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Creative Stirling

Creative Stirling is a Community Interest Company based in the Old Town Jail in the City’s historic quarter. It is a not-for-profit, volunteer organisation keen on developing a creative hub, with space and facilities to support the creative and cultural industries, as well as the broader community. It also hosts music and other cultural events in its outdoor yard space and in other spaces around the city.

Creative Scotland project manages external arts projects and is developing a portfolio of partnerships with national and Stirling based businesses and agencies to support this. They are committed to making opportunities for the creative young talent pool of Stirling to thrive, settle and have a positive impact on the identity of the City and its local economy.


Creative Stirling’s vision is to create a new, self-sustaining model of creative hub that will work with other agencies towards the reinvention of the cultural identity of the city, and that enhances the wellbeing of local people by providing opportunities to participate in their own terms.


Creative Stirling’s mission is to make visible the cultural dynamic within the city, where nascent creative talent and skills are explored, developed and applied to positively impact on individuals, particularly younger people who are not in employment or working in jobs that do not provide an outlet for creative ability. By programming activity that works across communities it will address social problems within the city, and by offering new employment and development opportunity it will retain and support professional creative talent to contribute to the regeneration of the local economy.

Creative Stirling is a community interest company founded by Joe Hall. Supported by Co-Director Alasdair Gammack, they have developed their business plan through sharing ideas, connecting people, gathering stakeholders, resources, volunteers and enthusiasm. They now have a committed core team who are passionate about the shared vision for the company, their community and reenergising Stirling’s cultural identity. Alasdair has twenty five years business experience and extensive local knowledge and connections. Joe has twelve years experience working with arts organisations and developing successful creative partnership projects. Their plans for Creative Stirling are to realise the organisation’s full potential as a commercially sustainable, outward looking, arts led social enterprise that will deliver in terms of social value as well as contribute to the local economy.

For further info, contact:

Creative Stirling
Old Town Jail
St John Street
Tel: 01786 – 475654


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210