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Alisa Horizons

On 1st September 2009, 3 new staff joined Development Manager Stuart Lindsay to formally launch Ailsa Horizons Ltd, a new rural regeneration company for South Ayrshire. The new team’s role is build on the successful track record of the local economic development team that has operated from its base in Girvan since 2002 –  initially as a project of the former Social Inclusion Partnership and more recently as a Council project.
The main focus for 2010 – 2011 was the implementation of the “Enterprising Communities‟ project which was jointly funded by South Ayrshire Council, the Ayrshire Leader programme, and the local Horizons group. The project will work with villages to carry out community appraisals and produce Action Plans that communities can take forward. 
Currently, Ailsa Horizons is engaged in supporting strategic community groups through providing advice, admin and secretariat services and assisting with a number of projects in South Ayrshire and beyond. They are also developing and implementing a rural skills programme, facilitating a business support programme, are assisting in building capacity at village level and manage Girvan On-line.
What are the aims of Ailsa Horizons?

To engage and empower communities within South Ayrshire,  to input into the local decision making process  within their communities; identify opportunities for change and implement them and produce village-level  long term action plans that  communities can individually sign up to. These village-level plans will support the implementation of a higher level economic development strategy that was produced by the Carrick Community Councils' Forum. This Forum was established in 2006 to represent the views of over 20,000 rural people and is well placed to act as a bridge between local communities and the wider strategies and plans of South Ayrshire Council and the South Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership.
 Build the capacity of communities within South Ayrshire  
 Increase community pride and citizenship 
 Ensure local communities are included in local planning and decision-making 
 Improve local service provision 
 Build on community knowledge to manage community buildings and projects
 Help community activities move to Social Enterprise models
 Provide funding advice to community groups and organisations
 Provide administration and support to Community Benefit Companies within Ayrshire
Where is it?
Ailsa Horizons is based in Girvan South Ayrshire and works within South Ayrshire and in collaboration with other projects in the wider Ayrshire area.
Who's involved?
Ailsa Horizons currently has a team of 5 staff – Stuart Lindsay (Development Manager), Julia Whitaker (Rural Regeneration and Enterprise Manager), Lesley Fisher (Community Asset Development Manager), Stacy Martin (Company Secretary) and David Bone (Programme Support and Marketing Officer) Ailsa Horizons has a volunteer board of local people, all of whom bring varied experience of the private, commercial and third sector with them. 
How is it funded?

Ailsa Horizons is currently funded through Leader Ayrshire, South Ayrshire Council and. It also generates income from other organisations that require its services and advice.
Contact details
Ailsa Horizons, 22 Dalrymple Street, Girvan, South Ayrshire KA26 9AE
Tel: 01465 710628   Email:


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210