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Digital Skills for Scotland (DS4S)

Digital Skills for Scotland (DS4S) is a social enterprise with a vision to help build communities that work and improve the employability of the people it works with. It engages with individuals and communities to help bring about improvement through learning new skills, providing access to technology, increasing community contribution and assisting people in their search for fulfilling employment.

DS4S often works in partnership with other organisations to deliver programmes that help people in socially excluded communities, such as the Dunedin Canmore TrainedUp programme.

It offers a variety of skills training within local communities, helping people gain access to technology (via low cost, refurbished computers and laptops) and volunteer placements. DS4S works with people at risk of social and economic exclusion who are seeking to improve their lives. Its aim is to improve the employability of the people it works with, by providing people with the skills, attitudes, behaviours and resources that result in: work experience; traineeships and apprenticeships; volunteering, mentoring  and other community contributions; self-employment; permanent employment.

It is a social enterprise that:
• engages with disadvantaged individuals and helps them find a path to employment
• works in partnership with a variety of organisations to deliver programs for vulnerable groups of people such as the elderly, disabled and long-term unemployed
• looks for opportunities to become involved with enterprises that create direct employment for disadvantaged individuals
• aims to be financially self sufficient through its own enterprises, however its key partners provide significant additional support that allows DG4S to expand its programmes and its impact.

It does this by providing skills training for employment, access to technology (and related services) including low-cost PCs;and community-based projects and training for individuals.

For further info, contact:

Digital Skills for Scotland
3 Church Hill Place
Edinburgh EH10 4BE

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210