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Counter Culture

Counter Culture works with clients to design, develop, and implement strategic, compelling, and effective campaigns.  They understand sustainability issues and what it takes to deliver effective communications.  They can ensure you have a campaign that gets to the heart of the issue and reaches the hearts of the people you want to influence.

Counter Culture is currently developing a campaign - “make a profit + make a difference” – that plans to showcase 100 of Scotland’s best social enterprise ‘success stories’; support the development of 50 new social enterprises; and increase engagement between private sector and social enterprise by 50% by 2015. See,

Intrapreneurs and Initiatives

Businesses are full of entrepreneurial and innovative employees who can often see simple, cost-effective and sometimes revenue-generating solutions that will help the company meet environmental, social, and community goals.

We will work with you to identify these individuals.  They will review your business and sustainability targets to focus on the areas that most lend themselves to enterprising opportunities and will support your team (and external partners, where relevant) to implement initiatives with clear milestones to monitor success. They’ll also help develop and implement a communications strategy to engage key employees and create buzz in the community.

Impact Investment

Social or "impact" investment offers significant opportunities for delivering sustainability and business benefits. They assess the alignment between your business and sustainability goals and work with your team to define the impacts that can be achieved through strategic investments.


They help identify community-based opportunities for brands. They use local channels, community events, and face-to-face activities to engage customers at a granular level, creating campaigns that are nuanced to resonate with specific communities. They will also plan, execute, and track a localisation strategy that meets your needs, nurtures love for your brand, and helps you work with communities to do great things.
In addition, they offer tailored communications support, sustainability strategy, and bespoke research.

For further info, contact:

Counter Culture
3 Gloucester Lane
Edinburgh, EH3 6ED
United Kingdom

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210