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The Ayr Gaiety Partnership

The Ayr Gaiety will be an arts and theatre hub for South Ayrshire, and the premier performing arts venue in South West Scotland.

The venue re-opened in 2011 as a vibrant meeting place for all those interested in the arts and creative industries with a studio theatre and performance programme, complemented by attractive catering and bars. Ayr Gaiety Partnership will develop projects with partners in the local community and bring the national arts scene to South Ayrshire.

AGP will work with key partners on a three year programme of fundraising and capacity building to develop the long term future of the Gaiety as the premier performing arts venue in South West Scotland and as a developmental organisation, mobilising arts and creativity for the economic, social and cultural regeneration of South Ayrshire.

Strategic Priorities

• To redevelop the Ayr Gaiety as the premier performing arts venue in South West Scotland, attracting arts and creative industries investment to the area;
• to create an arts hub facility for artists and creative practitioners, and a successful and sustainable arts centre and visitor attraction that contributes to the regeneration of Ayr and the surrounding area in South Ayrshire;
• to develop participation in the arts and creativity and to be a catalyst for community development, employment and social regeneration;
• to provide a gateway for regional, national and international artists and touring companies into South West Scotland. To be a residency base for artists and touring companies;
• to partner with the University of the West of Scotland and Ayr College in delivering an educational resource for higher education and training, activity in schools, and for the common good.


The Gaiety Theatre in Ayr is a 584 seat receiving house, built in 1902, remodelled with a distinctive art deco facade in 1935, and rebuilt following a fire in 1955. The venue became a municipal theatre in 1974 and an annex that included a new cafe, box office and dressing rooms and studio space was built in 1995. Prior to closure two years ago the Gaiety was the premier theatre in South West Scotland, presenting over 220 performances a year to an audience of just over 80,000. Following a tender process South Ayrshire Council adopted a vision for the Gaiety as a community led facility by choosing Ayr Gaiety Partnership to undertake the re-development and future operation of the venue.

Strategic Context

The Gaiety has a major contribution to make to the economic, social and cultural regeneration of South Ayrshire and Ayr in particular. AGP will work with Ayr Renaissance, established to plan and implement the regeneration of Ayr, Creative Scotland, and the University of the West of Scotland, which opens a major new campus in Ayr in August. The Gaiety is:

• a catalyst that can energize the cultural and creative industries in South Ayrshire;
• a platform for the delivery of a new Arts and Culture Strategy, tourism development and education;
• an important contributor to the national arts and creative industries sectors.

Results of a recent survey of the area’s cultural sector prioritized the reopening of the Gaiety and the formation of new partnership working between the arts, creative industries, education and public sector.

For further info, contact:

The Ayr Gaiety Partnership
86 High Street
Tel: 01292 611482

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