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Food for Thought Community Café

St Nichols Primary, Broxburn

Over the last few months I have had the fantastic opportunity (as a parent helper) to work with some bright and energetic  P6/P7 pupils, and staff, at St Nicholas Primary School in Broxburn; helping them set up their social enterprise community cafe called Food For Thought.

Historically, enterprise education was reserved for secondary schools, where it’s believed that students are more mature and able to deal with its more unique skills like goal setting, working independently, working in teams, meeting deadlines, creativity and innovation. But with Curriculum for Excellence, the Social Enterprise Academy, and some forward thinking teachers, including the head, this project has shown me that enterprise – and social enterprise - can work in Primary Schools.

St Nicholas Primary School surpassed all my expectations, illustrating that pupils from primary schools perform as well, if not better, than their older counterparts. They are unhindered by the concept of “no” and have unhindered creativity and innovation, that’s missing from the real business world.

The pupils excelled during both the creation and execution of their ideas. Every time I visited I had goose bumps of pride because of their achievements!

So far, this project has produced some amazing ideas for the Food For Thought Cafe – including social causes; seen some brilliant teamwork skills that most adults would be proud of; and creative thinking that “us” as adults would never be capable of.

Why has all this happened? Because the pupils didn’t learn about enterprise by reading a book! Instead they worked with “real” business people in the community who passed on skills in event management, food hygiene, customer care, sales and marketing, finance, human resource and communication.  And with the help of their teachers they put it all into practice to produce their own social enterprise.

I hope this blog piece has given you “Food for Thought” in how you can help primary school children excel in enterprise by avoiding trying to learn all the fundamentals by reading a book!

Jude Spence (parent)

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And for more info on the Social Enterprise Academy’s Schools initiative, see

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