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Brandish Bute

A new chapter begins after the forest is secured with the opening of Brandish Bute. The colourful and lively window display and interior has attracted customers into the shop to find out what is on offer. Brandish Bute, showcasing local Bute produce and arts and crafts is now fully open for business.

The shop sells locally-produced design pieces and crafts as well as foodstuffs. In this way, by acting as a conduit for showcasing local products and as an information point to find out more about Bute producers, Brandish Bute will encourage people to try out a variety of Bute products. Encouraging a wide variety of brands, some well-known and others less so, is how Brandish Bute aims to continue to ‘brandish bute’ products to a wider public. It is an exciting time ahead for Brandish Bute, the forest projects and BCLC – we hope that everyone will help, to support and brandish the best of Bute!

Brandish Bute aims to become an environment which enables people to join in helping with various aspects of the work that BCLC aims to take forward in promoting aspects of the island. Members have been calling into the shop to offer their support to the forest and shop projects in many different ways. These have been from volunteering in the shop, offering help in ‘spreading the word of our aims’ and for projects in the forest. 

Our charitable status enables all funds to be ploughed back into the island economy in a variety of ways.  With this new chapter, all seems to be off to a great start, yet we are all aware that as all are new to this work, things will need to develop at their own pace. The suggestions and questions about the work and projects in the forest are coming into the shop, with Claire opening these discussions and ideas to the BCLC board. There is no better way to encourage everyone’s involvement in the celebration of our historic achievement than to use opportunities to support the shop and Bute producers!

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210