Sustainable Thinking Scotland CIC

Sustainable Thinking Scotland (STS CIC)


Sustainable Thinking Scotland (STS) CIC is a social enterprise created and designed to address food poverty, climate change and a reduction in landfill use.


Initial discussions between local community groups and organisations identified a common concern at the increase in local foodbank usage, and the result was a pilot project which eventually became STS.


STS regularly donate to their local Bo’ness Storehouse foodbank, using local community produce to increase the provision of healthier dietary options for vulnerable families, as well as giving foodbank users the skills and knowledge to grow their own produce.


STS is also involved in the production of biochar, a highly porous, high carbon form of charcoal obtained from baking wood within an oxygen depleted environment. The biochar produced allows STS to assist with carbon based climate change on a local level as well as reducing the amount of wood waste going to landfill.


Wood which is either composted or sent to landfill will decompose and release gases such as Co2 into the atmosphere. However, by converting the wood to biochar this process results in a stable form of carbon that is removed from the atmospheric carbon cycle when added as a soil amendment and abates the release of those gases in order of millennia, drastically slowing the effects they have with regards to climate change.


After discussions and negotiations with Falkirk Council, STS identified a disused area within the walled garden at the Kinneil Estate in Bo’ness which is home to the council’s plant nursery.


STS were granted a temporary site license in January 2017 to begin creating a works compound on two open areas of the garden and the use of an existing polytunnel, which is currently damaged due to the collapse of the south wall.


STS’ primary aims for their project are:

The responsible disposal of local wood waste and a reduction in the use of current landfill disposal methods.
Carbon abatement through the production of biochar.
The research and application of biochar as a soil amendment and a nutrient rich growth medium.
The production of fresh fruit and vegetables which shall be donated to the local food bank, Bo’ness Storehouse.
Generate revenue for the company via the sale of a range of biochar products to allow us to further invest in meeting our social aims.


For more information, contact:


Sustainable Thinking Scotland CIC
Walled Garden
Kinneil Estate


Twitter: @STS_CIC